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Excellent cakes

Excellent cakes. All the b'day cakes have to be Swiss Castle for us. Eggless and 100% veggi makes it even more delightful!

- Aditya Rao

They are not confectioners

They are not confectioners; they are Artists with exquisite craftmanship in Cake Designing.

- Saif Hussain

Best bakery ever......

Best bakery ever...... Had Belgium chocolate cake for a b'day there.... & that was phenomenal.. The service, the hygiene, every thing was worth appreciation

- Mohammedi Naazneen

It ain't a celebration without a swiss cake

Whole of my families' birthdays, anniversaries and celebration cakes come from this bakery. I dont care if it's egg less or with egg, but the cakes are amazing not the watery and sugar dipped ones you get in every other bakery. And so goes the saying in our house, "it ain't a celebration without a swiss cake"

- Xubair Wajid

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